Alexander John Klein (1905 - 1974)
Ida Anna Remich (1904 - 1934)
Bessie Newton Craig Allwardt (1906 - )

Alexander John3 Klein (Nicholas2, Jean Nicolas1) was born 1 January 1905 at 235 Greely Street, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, the son of Nicholas and Mary (Wester) Klein. His birth is recorded in Milwaukee County birth records, v 385, p 385.

He died Friday 22 February 1974, age 69, of congestive heart failure at St. Nicholas hospital at Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. The funeral was held Tuesday 26 February 1974 at St. Paul's Episcopal church at Plymouth and he is buried in St. Mary's cemetery at Port Washington, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. See Sheboygan County death certificates, v 101, no. 27.

He married, first, Ida Anna Remich 30 September 1931 at St. Mary's Roman Catholic church at Lake Church, Town of Belgium, Ozaukee County. Reverend A. J. Huepper presided. Witnesses were Gilbert Klein and Esther Remich. The marriage is recorded in the marriage register of the church. See also Ozaukee County marriage records, v 11, no. 694.

Ida Remich was born at 8:15 am on Friday 18 March 1904 at Town of Belgium, the daughter of Frank and Catharine (Schneider) Remich. See Ozaukee County birth records, v 9, no. 582.

She died 27 February 1934, age 29, at Port Washington. According to the death certificate signed by Dr. George S. Cassels, M.D., she died of "obstinate intestinal paralysis with gas distention following an extremely difficult forceps delivery of child." Her funeral was held 3 March 1934 at St. Mary's Roman Catholic church at Port Washington and she is buried in St. Mary's cemetery there. Her death is recorded in Ozaukee County death certificates, v 10, no. 92.

He married, second, Bessie Newton Craig Allwardt 6 November 1967 at St. Paul's Episcopal church, Plymouth, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Reverend Sampson Rogers presided. The witnesses were Wayne Conger and Patricia Conger. See the marriage records of the church. Also see Sheboygan County marriage records, v 66, p 210.

She was born 16 June 1906 at ____________, __________ County, Kentucky, the daughter of James Newton and Lulu K_____ (Moran) Craig. See __________ County birth records.

She married, first, Leon Charles Allwardt.

He was born 11 August 1899 (or 8 November 1899) at Town of Lyndon, Sheboygan County, the son of Charles Frederick and Georgianna Emma (Sharpe) Allwardt. His birth is not recorded in Sheboygan County birth records.

He died 10 December 1950, age 51, of a brain tumor at St. Nicholas hospital at Sheboygan and is buried in Waldo cemetery at Town of Lyndon. See Sheboygan County death certificates, v 58, no. 556.

She died _____________________, age __, of _____________ at _____________, ______________ County, __________. The funeral was held _____________________ at _________________ church, __________, and she is buried in ___________ cemetery at ____________. Her death is recorded in _____ County death records, v ____, p ____.

Alexander Klein was a carpenter all of his life until he retired in 1967 at age 62.

Alexander John and Ida Anna (Remich) Klein had one child, who died at birth:

Donald Klein

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