Michael Francis Wilmers (1949 -
Barbara Ann Klein (1952 -

Michael Francis Wilmers2, (Paul Michael1) was born 30 August 1949 at Portage View hospital, Hancock, Houghton County, Michigan, the son of Paul Michael and Elizabeth Ann (Anderson) Wilmers. His birth is recorded in Houghton County birth records. He was baptized at St. Joseph and St. Patrick Roman Catholic church at Michigan. See the baptism records of the church.

He married Barbara Ann Klein 20 February 1971 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic church, Franklin Mine, Town of Hancock, Houghton County. Reverend Reinhart presided. Witnesses were Paul Masini and Kathy Klein. The marriage is recorded in the marriage register of the church. See also Houghton County marriage records.

She was born 19 October 1952 at Portage View hospital, the daughter of George Nickolas and Mary Elizabeth (Kendall) Klein. Her birth is recorded in Houghton County birth records. She was baptized at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic church at Hancock. Her sponsors were Harry Klein and Carol Egerer. See the baptism records of the church.

She gradauted from Hancock High School in 1970 and Michael gradauted from the same school in 1967. He, then, got his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan Tech University in 1977.

Since May 1983, Barbara is a waitress at Suomi Bakery and Restaurant in Houghton, Michigan.

Michael is a resident engineer for the State of Michigan since 1979.

The Wilmers reside in Houghton, Michigan.

The Wilmers have two children:

Jessica Lee Wilmers
Sara Beth Wilmers

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